Dinan offers three primary types of protection plans. Depending on project requirements, one or a combination of all three may be necessary. Their function is to establish a method to effectively protect adjacent properties vulnerable to damage from construction, which typically includes historic structures or structures that will be below the floor height of new construction. 


A landmark protection plan is typically required when a project site is located within a designated historic district or adjacent to a structure that has landmark status within New York City. This service provides a comprehensive plan to ensure established guidelines are acknowledged and addressed in order to protect the adjacent structure(s) from inadvertent damage during construction. This plan is often required by the Landmarks Preservation Commission for review before commencement of work at a project site.


Proper overhead protection of adjacent properties is necessary when new construction will be higher than the surrounding properties. Our plans address the protection of adjacent properties in this regard while adhering to guidelines established by the Department of Buildings.


A vibration monitoring plan establishes and proposes precise monitoring locations. The most effective locations are selected based upon established building code, industry best-practices, and equipment specifications.