Dinan offers three primary types of construction monitoring. Depending on the nature of work at a project site and project specifications, one or more may be necessary.



Dinan offers two types of vibration monitoring: wireless and manual


For projects that require a representative to be present while monitoring, we offer manual vibration monitoring. This is often required during foundation operations that involve drilling or pile driving within a certain proximity of neighboring structures or utilities, or when conditions make a more permanent monitoring installation untenable. Dinan personnel will be on-location during these operations and will be available to provide monitoring data as needed.


For projects that require a long-term monitoring solution with e-mail notification capability, we offer wireless vibration monitoring.  This service is recommended in situations requiring instant notification of excessive vibration where the monitoring equipment can be affixed to a structure or utility, and personnel is not required on-location continually.



Excessive noise is prohibited within New York City. Sound levels must remain below specified limits according to code. Construction noise is a frequent offender and is often scrutinized by neighbors and enforcement agencies. We provide sound monitoring services utilizing professional sound pressure meters to record and analyze sound levels.



A telltale, also known as a crack monitor, is a basic joint movement indicator. This device monitors the movement of cracks in masonry structures to an accuracy of +/- 1.0mm. The monitor is approximately 1.5 inches high by 7 inches wide and consists of two overlapping acrylic plates. After installing the monitor(s), we return periodically to observe and document, as required, to determine if the condition is exacerbated or remains static.